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Call for Book Chapters for "Epistasis" in "Methods in Molecular Biology" series 2019

Call For Book Chapters: "Epistasis: Methods and Protocols", Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer (USA) 

As commissioned by Prof. John Walker, we would like to invite you to contribute a book chapter for our upcoming volume entitled “Epistasis: Methods and Protocols” in the prestigious "Methods in Molecular Biology" series to be published by Springer(USA). The volume will be available both in print and in ebook format by 2020 with Springer(USA).

Sample Book Chapter

The goal of this volume is to summarize the state-of-the-art methodology steps in the computational or wet-lab methods for epistasis. Topics of interest include (but not limited to): 

Experimental Methods 
    Double Mutant Cycles
    Synthetic genetic arrays (SGA)
    diploid based Synthetic Lethality Analysis of Microarrays (dSLAM)
    Epistatic MiniArray Profiles (E-MAPs)
    Pombe Epistasis Mapper (PEM) System
    Combinatorial RNA interference
    High-Throughput Sequencing Technologies
    Next-Generation Sequencing
    Third-Generation Sequencing
Statistical Methods 
    Statistical Testing
    eQTL Mapping
    Multifactor dimensionality reduction
    Genetic Interaction Network Analysis
    High-order Epistatic Mapping
Computational Methods 
    Epistasis Simulation
    Epistasis Visualization
    Machine Learning
    Deep Learning and AI 
    Computational Acceleration (e.g. GPU, TPU, ASIC, and FPGA…)
    Cloud Computing
    High-Performance Computing
Integration and Examples
    Data Source and Integration
    Software Engineering
    Translational Research
Other Topics

Each contributed chapter is expected to present a method or protocol with parameter details for epistasis.
Each book chapter should only contain 7 sections: Abstract, Introduction, Materials, Methods, Notes, Acknowledgement, References
A sample book chapter is available at:

Note that there will be NO publication fees or other hidden fees for accepted chapters. 
There is not any limit on figures and tables.

Important Dates 
Chapter submission deadline 2019-11-30 
Chapter review notification 2019-12-31 
Final version deadline 2020-01-31 

Sample Book Chapter:

All submissions should be done via this secured open conference system:

For accepted book chapters, please fill in the author consent form:


Review and Program Committees:



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